My Life As A Gambler

I have been involved in gambling for basically my whole life in one way or the other. At the age of 15 me and a few of my best friends launched a betting ‘syndicate’ and decided to crush our local books big time. A few months later reality had caught up on us and we had lost all our money. It was a significant sum for a 15-year old and I was hard pressed to explain that to my parents! Looking back from a distance now we were na├»ve at that time, to say the least. We have comitted the same mistakes over and over again to make sure not to end up with a profit. However I don’t blame us now. We just didn’t know better.

By the time I was 20 I was excessively gambling in casinos. I was especially addicted to Black Jack – a card game – and was convinced I had an edge over the house, which of course was ridiculous thinking. I was a compulsive gambler and had lost four figure sums in a matter of a few weeks. In one of my last attempts to enter a casino I was asked for a proof of income by the staff members (this was required by law). I was a student without a regular income, so of course couldn’t provide such a piece of paper. As a consequence I was banned from casinos for the time being. Desperately I was seeking an opportunity to satisfy my gambling needs and gladly came across a casino platform on the internet. I managed to lose another four figure sum in a very short period of time and couldn’t believe my bad luck. In terms of money my grandma helped me out so I could somewhat hide the big losses in front of my parents, although I knew they must have smelled that something wasn’t right with me. In fact I was in deep trouble!