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Football Outrights

The #FootballOutrights is a betting advisory service focusing on outright markets for top-tier football leagues.

Selections are based on a Monte Carlo method simulating points distributions for each team.

You will receive simulation tables & recommended bets periodically throughout the season.

This is how a simulation table will look like.

The table includes my model’s fair odds which can be used to search for value in derivative outright markets (i.e., Top-4, relegation, etc.)

Recommended bets are advised with stakes ranging from 1 – 100 points and are based on a 1000 points bank, i.e. if you have a €5000 bankroll multiply the stakes by 5.

Please note that these are my recommended stakes. Depending on your risk-appetite please adjust your stakes/bankroll to your liking.

All bets are sent by e-mail.

All bets advised and recorded to bet365 prices.

Subscription fee is €549.00 per season!

Registration is currently closed. New slots will become available June 2024. Please get in touch at if you want to be put on the waiting list for the 2024/2025 campaign.

The following leagues will be covered.

Current profit is +914 points from 9299 points staked, +9.83% ROI (selections below).

SEASON 2022/2023
SEASON 2021/2022
SEASON 2020/2021
SEASON 2019/2020
SEASON 2018/2019
SEASON 2017/2018
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