The service is aimed towards experienced bettors who are comfortable with variance and have a bankroll to compensate for large drawdowns.

It is a fully automated betting solution using Joseph Buchdahl’s #WisdomOfTheCrowd methodology as explained in full here The Wisdom Of The Crowd

If you are just starting out betting – DO NOT SIGN UP!

If you are a casual punter – DO NOT SIGN UP!

If you are looking for the quick money – DO NOT SIGN UP!

The software only supports bet365. DO NOT SIGN UP if you don’t have a bet365 account. You won’t be able to follow.

If you are not familiar with expected value, variance, maximum drawdown, return of investment – DO NOT SIGN UP!

There will be substantial confidence sapping drawdowns over thousands of bets – DO NOT SIGN UP if you think you are not mentally prepared for that!

If in doubt whether any of the above points apply to you – DO NOT SIGN UP!

The service is a high turnover investment opportunity. Following the selections with a proper mental attitude and bankroll management will lead to substantial monetary gains.

Every part of the service is fully automated. A bot will place all of your bets.

A script scans the market 24/7 and applies the same methodology to each event. Once a minimum expected value of 5% is found the bet is sent to all following bots. This is done 365 days a year with no human intervention.

There will be approximately 15000 bets/year with an expected yield of +6.50%.

All historical selections see here Historical Selections

This service will cover win markets for UK & Irish racing.

For 1 point level stakes advised bankroll is 400 points.

To start following

  1. Install the smartbet.io bot software as explained in this video tutorial
  2. Make yourself familiar with the software and read the F.A.Q.s
  3. Add hrs-bets4value to your tipsters in the bot software.
  4. Configure the bot settings as per screenshot below.
  5. Start the bot.

Bot settings for the Horse Racing service


Having the right mindset is key to successfully following the service. This article could help you with that The Single Biggest Mistake Punters Make

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