If you are looking for easy money, go elsewhere!

The Implied Market Ratings is a ratings-based approach to identify value in sports betting markets.

The model is applied to major European football markets + NFL + NBA.

The following leagues are supported.

  • ENGLAND Premier League
  • ENGLAND Championship
  • ENGLAND League One
  • ENGLAND League Two
  • SCOTLAND Premiership
  • SPAIN LaLiga
  • ITALY Serie A
  • GERMANY Bundesliga
  • FRANCE Ligue 1
  • PORTUGAL Liga Portugal
  • NETHERLANDS Eredivisie
  • BELGIUM Jupiler Pro
  • TURKEY Süper Lig
  • AUSTRALIA A-League
  • BRAZIL Serie A
  • JAPAN J1 League

Picks are delivered via @telegram

No pressure on prices. Following along is very low maintenance!

This is how an alert will look like. All bets advised to @Pinnacle prices.

Each alert includes a recommended asian handicap bet + an alternative moneyline bet. Depending on your risk appetite you can play either the spread bet (lower variance) or the moneyline bet (higher variance) or both.

Stakes can range from 1 – 1000 points and are based on a 10000 points bank, i.e. if you have a €5000 bankroll divide the stakes by 2.

Please note that these are my recommended stakes. Depending on your risk-appetite please adjust the stakes/bankroll to your liking.

To receive alerts you can subscribe to the channel here Implied Market Ratings Telegram Channel


Backtests have shown a positive ROI, so THEORETICALLY there is an edge.


I do not guarantee that these bets are profitable!

One thing that is for sure though is that the downside is practically zero. Given you play the game long enough and you do some line shopping. Use exchanges and asians to boost your profits. Getting the best price you can is important!

With that in mind (= potential upside with little downside), your risk-reward ratio is decent. I’m happy to follow these bets myself with moderate stakes.

Variance can be a pain so you have to make sure you are in for the long run and absorb confidence-sapping losing runs.

All in all it should be fun to follow with massive liquidity available in these big leagues.

MONEYLINE picks current P/L is +€3,458.42 from €9,097.98 staked. +38.01% ROI. 163 bets.

ASIAN HANDICAP picks current P/L is +€571.96 from €1868.00 staked. +30.62% ROI. 24 bets.

The asian handicaps were introduced after the moneyline bets, hence the bet count is different.

Needless to say this ROI is unsustainable!

Important: This project is all about finding out if the model has an actual edge. You could be part of a potentially profitable strategy with very little downside.

By subscribing you support this and future projects mine. Thank you!


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