All services are based on statistical models using a 100% objective approach. The aim is to provide a great betting experience for members with no hassle of getting on and/or bookmaker accounts being restricted.

Subscriptions are capped at a max of 10 members to minimize pressure on prices.

Selections are usually advised well ahead of the event, hence in most cases members won’t be in any rush to place the bets in time.

All services focus on outright markets which minimize the chance of accounts being restricted. Bookmakers are usually happy to take these bets since they tie up funds for a longer period. Additionally outright markets often create large +ev opportunities and hence possible two-digit rois.

Please do see my services as a long-term investment opportunity rather than a quick gamble. 5+ years would be a reasonable timeframe for the edge to materialize.

Be patient. Betting is not sprint but a marathon.