#WisdomOfTheCrowd service scoops SBC award!

I’m happy to announce that the #WisdomOfTheCrowd service has scooped the ‘Best Tipster Newcomer’ award in the 2019 Secret Betting Club Tipster & Betting Awards. This award was voted for by SBC members.

The #WisdomOfTheCrowd is a fully automated, high-turnover betting solution with a long-term ROI of 5%+. The methodology to identify value bets is based on efficient market hypothesis and is explained in full here Wisdom Of The Crowd (by Joseph Buchdahl)

A bot will place all your bets. Instantly and with zero effort.


The Single Biggest Mistake Punters Make

The majority of this article will deal with the financial investment world, but the principles are equally relevant to sports betting.

It is perhaps the greatest paradox in the investment world that many consistently profitable money managers have a large percentage of losing clients. I recently saw the records of a very successful US Hedge Fund, that showed over 40% of their lifetime client base had actually lost money while investing with the fund! This fund had a relatively consistent record of double digit annual gains over decades! This rather odd story is by no means isolated, it is repeated within many successful funds.

So, what causes this phenomena?