Selections are based on the Wisdom Of The Crowd methodology explained in full here Wisdom Of The Crowd by one the greatest individual in sports betting Joseph Buchdahl. You can find lots of valuable articles and advice on Joseph’s website and his twitter account @12Xpert is worth following. Joseph is also a regular contributor for Pinnacle Sports Betting Resources

In a nutshell Wisdom Of The Crowd uses efficient market hypothesis to find value in the betting market. The method is highly effective as it uses prices from efficient bookmakers (= sharp books) and compares them with less efficient books (= soft books).

In his article Joseph impressively demonstrates clear value across 35000 bets in the soccer match odds market.


Screenshot 2019-08-15 at 20.56.54.png
Based on this idea my algorithm has been expanded to multiple sports and a myriad of bookmakers (see below). The betting market is scanned 24/7 and whenever value is found the bet is sent to you by e-mail automatically.

All bets will come from the match odds markets 1X2 or 12.

All bets are sent on the same day of event start.

Supported books
* 10bet
* 18bet
* 1xbet
* 888sport
* bet-at-home
* bet365
* betclic
* betfair (sportsbook)
* betfred
* bethard
* betsafe
* betsson
* betvictor
* betway
* boylesports
* bwin
* comeon
* coolbet
* expekt
* france pari
* intertops
* interwetten
* jetbull
* ladbrokes/
* leonbets
* marathonbet
* nordicbet
* oddsring
* sportingbet
* titanbet
* unibet
* william hill
* youwin

Supported sports
* American Football
* Aussie Rules
* Badminton
* Baseball
* Basketball
* Beach Volleyball
* Boxing
* Cricket
* Darts
* E-Sports
* Futsal
* Handball
* Ice Hockey
* Rugby League
* Rugby Union
* Snooker
* Soccer
* Tennis
* Volleyball

A subscription entitles you to chose from a part (or all) of the bookmakers listed and a part (or all) of the sports listed. You will then receive value bets for the chosen sports/books. Please let me know your preferred sports & books by e-mail after you signed up.

Wisdom Of The Crowd 1-year subscription


Wisdom Of The Crowd 6-month subscription


Wisdom Of The Crowd 1-month subscription


Wisdom Of The Crowd 1-week subscription (trial)



There is a limited amount of places available. Once the service is full a waiting list will be in place.

All current members may keep their spot for as long as they wish to have it.


Q: Hello Chris, I am interesting about your new email service… I want to ask you one thing, now I am with one only bookie(bet365) from all your big list,two-three others already limited me and the others it’s difficult here in my country to open an account…. I want to ask you if that is a problem to gain a good profit from your service.. I don’t know the number of the bets at a month in bet365 and others details… Can you tell me your opinion please?
Thank you, good luck

A: Thank you for your interest in the service.

Bet365 is probably the best book you can have in your arsenal as they offer a huge number of markets (probably more than anyone else). The good thing about bet365 is that you can leverage your account even if it is restricted. That is, if your account gets restricted to 1% of your initial stakes (which is their standard procedure) you will still be able to turn over enough to make the journey worthwhile. Remember you’d just need to turnover roughly €2,000.00 per month to cover sub fees. That’s a very manageable turnover.

When it comes to other bookmakers it’s obviously good to have a few more at your disposal. However operating with too many books is probably not sustainable as it will tie you to your computer/smartphone a very large portion of your day. Obviously everyone has it’s own threshold of workload he’s willing to take, but do not overload yourself as the Wisdom Of The Crowd is a real grind. It’s 365/24/7. A lot of bets will come your way.

Speaking of bets approximately 500 – 600 bets will be sent for bet365 alone in an average month. You won’t be able to place all of them! Sometimes you’ll be too slow and prices have been cut before you can get on, sometimes you’ll be away from the computer.

Take it easy. Don’t be paranoid. It’s not about one big winner you might have missed. It’s all about the long run and your total yearly turnover. Remember, it’s one long game. Even if you only manage to place a very moderate 250 bets/month (at let’s say €10) with only one book, you’ll easily cover sub-fees.

You could even decide to take a few days off completely to avoid burning out and enjoy your betting. Monday/Thursday would be good days to take off. If you then try to get as much bets in on a Saturday/Sunday morning (using whatever accounts you have at your disposal, even restricted accounts), you’ll be surprised by the decent turnover you can get in at those two days alone.

Hope this helps.


Q: I’ve got a few softbook accounts available, but I use Sportmarket for basically all my bets except horse racing and golf. What’s the connection to the books? Would a broker like Sportmarket work instead?
I’m betting on all markets with a positive ev, but the sports I follow mainly are football, ice hockey, baseball, tennis and darts.

A: No, Sportmarket will definitely NOT work and this is also the reason why you see none of those books in the list (Pinnacle, SBO, Betfair Exchange,…).
The only way to make this work is with soft books (those listed as ‘supported books’).

Football will probably contribute 80% of the total turnover, so you might be able to generate a decent turnover if you have some soft books at your disposal.